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All the help you need to make the lead up and day of

stress free 


Welcome to the planning of your event or wedding!! This is the groundwork the starting point. Within this service we work with you, gain knowledge of the look, feel, dreams and goals for the event and it’s outcomes. 


From a private party and weddings through to corporate events and conferences, we are all about excellent in the execution of the dreams you have. Once you place an enquiry, one of our trained events staff will meet with you, to discuss all the elements you want, we will continue to meet with you to perfect the options and plans within your budget!! 


Although we have many services available to work with your event. Our coordination staff will only suggest and refer them if they are the right fit within style and feel. We have many connections and networks of people to make sure that the vendors that work best for you and what you need are brought on board. 


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