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Welcome/ARC's Heartbeat

Updated: Mar 8, 2023


In case you didn't know or missed it, I'm Aaron, crazy to say it but, Founder & Creative Director of ARC(The Artisan Refinery Collective)

So some of you may be familiar with my journey, others not, but welcome!!!

Firstly, thanks, thank you for the support, encouragement and investment, we started and soft launched 5 months ago and here we are!!! I along our incredible team of creatives have already had the pleasure of dreaming and setting up spaces for some of you, we have loved launching the Events&Weddings, Florals, Styling, and Set Design services, and there is so much more to come. All this a part of our heartbeat, our desire to bring beauty, set spaces for community and conversation, show how the mundane of life can be special, create a space for all people to find themselves as a creative because 'we all are' and it is freedom to find it, and be comfortable in it. Then to develop, nurture and prune it.

For the first blog, I think it is important to share with you all the HEARTBEAT of who we are at ARC and some of the things you may see on here, this blog page is a foreshadowing of some of the new initiatives that will be coming, we are not just a business, at least we hope that isn't all people find. As a creative myself I totally know how our brains can function and how the creative world works. I'll let you in on a little secret, "I'm also a little over the top organised, not the most creative trait I have". So, I found myself caught between two worlds, not fully fitting into both, and knowing that both needed each other. I mean the world needs the innovator/dreamer/visionary/artist and to follow them in actions the organiser/curator/designer/builder/coordinator/gatherer. Both just as important but sometimes missing each others wave lengths.

Well, with all that said, the safe space we are building is one for all artists and creatives to be able to lean in, network, be inspired, equiped, motivated and find resources and community. I'm not saying I know it all but rather that we as a community have much more knowledge at our disposal than one of us alone. Heck, it almost takes away all limits.

We have a team of people, some focused on building their creativity within our business others here to help you on your journey. So here are some of the Initiatives that we are working on, we will announce more as they come up.

- ARC Blogs, will be a collective of individuals who have stories to inspire you, knowledge to help equip you, and ways to resource you.

- ARC Businesses, our brands to set spaces, bring beauty, be creative and share the joy of art with all of you.

- ARC Family and ARC Network(coming soon, contact us via email for expressions of interest, a place for all creatives to lean into, whether you are wanting to start your creative journey, build a creative business, find a network of people like you, be pushed, grown and stretched in your creativity, or all the above, this is the place for you.

ARC has been something on the back burner for a while now. I’ve always had a passion for all things creative and yet been one of the most crazy organised people I know, two opposite/contradictory obsessions.

I love to support people, artists and creatives of all kinds. Our goal is to shine the best light onto creatives, showcase people and their creative expression in the best way through coaching, support, networking and hopefully inspiration.

We have our own business within it all. Currently focusing on the Events & Wedding industry!! Providing all services you can think of and if we don’t have the skill on team you can sure as heck believe we have someone in our network that is insane at their craft!! We want to bring the best up and coming people to you!! Showcase those that are underrated prodigies.

Currently our own team at ARC provides

Event & Wedding Coordination

Styling & Floristry

Staff Hire

Grazing Tables

From simple and intimate to grand an extravagant we are all about making what you had in your dreams a visual feast. We’ve done festivals, corporate functions, conferences, elopements, destination weddings, backyard weddings, parties, dinner parties, proposal settings, corporate breakfasts, stage design and more.

All in all ARC is a labour of love. Our wedding & event services are out of a passion to create spaces that allow for laughter, joy, connection, memories and all round a good time. And ARC as a whole a creative hub a collective of skilled individuals bettering, supporting & inspiring each other. Creativity is hard, it’s tough to share a part of yourself with the world. It’s the best and the worst at the same time. It’s a constant tingling to do that next thing and to create something new and better, but heck it’s great. To follow our journey and hopefully the start of yours we hope you decide to watch this space, this blog page, that we hope sparks something in you to start expressing your creativity. It’s in you it’s in all of us. Let’s innovate, renovate, create, curate, dream, design, new and wonderful things, to make the world a brighter place, bring joy to people, and tell stories for the future generations. 2020(and ongoing) renaissance here we come!!!

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Robin Frazell
Robin Frazell
13 באוק׳ 2020

Love the heartbeat behind this business and so excited to see the spaces it creates in the creative world.

Very excited for you Aaron and the vision behind ARC.

Only up and up from here!

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